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Learn from experience. Together.

In the complex landscape of international development, organisations need a way to learn from their experiences and build on what works. Propel is the software solution that revolutionises the way organisations capture, access, and reuse learnings to adapt, innovate, and create lasting change on a global scale.

Let's stop reinventing the wheel and build on what works, together.

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Capture learnings, systematically

Propel gives you peace of mind with our set structure for capturing what you learn along the way. Increase your impact by making learning an integrated habit within your work – let Propel guide your learning journey.

Create learning stories

Propel allows organisations to integrate learning into project implementation by documenting learnings in learning stories. Transform tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge that can be systematically shared throughout the organisation.

Make evidence-based decisions

Unlock your projects' potential to be more effective and achieve greater impact. Transform your organisation into an adaptive learning organisation to remain viable, relevant, and impactful.

Next: Build on what works

Explore and reuse your learnings with our powerful search & knowledge map. Scale-up existing learnings to accelerate new programs. Analyse learnings from across your organisation to understand broader relations.




"Each of our projects has at least 50 learnings. Propel brings short and punchy insights."

Adam Severson,
Asia Displacement Solutions Platform

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