Learn from experience. Together.

In the complex landscape of international development, organisations need a way to learn from their experiences and build on what works. Propel is the software solution that revolutionises the way organisations capture, access, and reuse learnings to adapt, innovate, and create lasting change on a global scale.

Let's stop reinventing the wheel and build on what works, together.

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Capture learnings, systematically

Propel provides a structured framework for capturing learnings throughout project implementation ensuring increased impact and a more guided learning journey.

Create learning stories

By creating learning stories, you can transform tacit knowledge into explicit insights that can be systematically shared throughout your organisation. Integrate your learning into project implementation by documenting learnings in Propel learning stories!

Make evidence-based decisions

Build your organisation's knowledge and take evidence-based decisions with Propel. Unlock your projects' potential to be more effective and achieve greater impact. Be an adaptive learning organisation to remain viable, relevant, and impactful!

Build on what works

Analyse your organisation's successes and failures to uncover valuable patterns. Scale-up existing learnings to accelerate new programs. Unlock insights and accelerate growth with Propel.

Do you share our vision of learning, knowledge, and impactful action?

We are looking for collaborators and partners who are as passionate about making a difference as we are. If you want to transform the humanitarian and development landscape with us, reach out. Let's propel together towards a future where every step we take is informed, impactful, and inspired by what we've learned.

Experience the Future of Organisational Learning

Are you ready to transform the way your organisation learns and grows?
Discover how Propel can help you capture, access, and reuse critical knowledge like never before. Join us on this journey to accelerate positive global change through continuous learning.

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"Each of our projects has at least 50 learnings. Propel brings short and punchy insights."

Adam Severson,
Asia Displacement Solutions Platform


What does Propel do?

Propel is crafted as a cutting-edge software platform specifically for humanitarian and development sectors, aiming to enrich organisational and programmatic learning. It equips your team to capture crucial project learnings effectively and to forge a shared organisational memory. Propel's core is to enhance collaborative efforts, empower decision-making with evidence, and facilitate adaptive management—all of which are instrumental in elevating efficiency and impact within international development and humanitarian initiatives. Its functionalities are centred around the systematic documentation of learnings, establishing a dynamic organisational memory, providing visual representations of insights, and fostering synergy across various projects and teams.

What does Propel not do?

Propel is dedicated to enhancing learning and collaboration, specifically within the humanitarian and development spheres. While it is an ally in evidence-based decision-making, Propel is not engineered to serve as a comprehensive project management tool, a KPI tracker, or a substitute for your existing operational processes. The essence of Propel is to amplify your organisation's learning capacity, facilitate collaboration, and enable adaptation for a more significant impact, rather than managing the entire spectrum of project implementation.

Who Is Eligible to Join Propel as a Launching Customer?

Our pilot phase, which ran from early 2023 to the end of this year, is now concluded. During this time, we had the privilege of collaborating with a wide range of organisations from the international development and humanitarian sectors, including NGOs, INGOs, government bodies, and research institutions. Their contribution was invaluable in refining Propel's features and enhancing its user experience.

Although the pilot phase has ended, we are thrilled to move into our next stage and are keen to welcome new organisations as launching customers. If your organisation is enthusiastic about advancing learning, bolstering collaboration, and implementing adaptive management, we invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter. As a launching customer, you'll gain early access to the comprehensive functionalities of Propel and play a key role in its ongoing development.

Should this prospect interest you, we encourage you to contact us directly. We're keen to discuss how Propel can elevate the efficacy and impact of your initiatives.

Can I book a demo?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to provide a personalised demo of Propel, giving you an opportunity to explore its features and understand how it can benefit your organisation. To book a demo, please visit click on the "Book a Denmo" button on our website to express your interest. Our team will be delighted to schedule a convenient time for the demonstration and answer any questions you may have.

Privacy Policy Question

Propel takes the privacy of your personal data seriously. Our comprehensive Privacy Policy outlines how we handle and protect your information when using Propel software or engaging with us in any capacity. This includes details on data collection, usage, security measures, and your rights regarding your personal information.

For a detailed understanding of how we manage and safeguard your data, please visit our complete Privacy Policy at Propel Privacy Policy. Here, you can find in-depth information on our privacy practices and how they relate to your use of Propel services.

What training and support does Propel offer?

Propel offers comprehensive training and support to facilitate a smooth adoption and proficient use of our platform. This encompasses initial training sessions, detailed user manuals, and ongoing assistance from our dedicated customer service team. We also provide customised training modules to cater to the specific requirements of diverse teams and organisations.

Is Propel suitable for small-scale NGOs or grassroots organisations?

Absolutely! Propel is designed to be adaptable and beneficial for organisations of all sizes, including small-scale NGOs and grassroots entities. The platform's versatility allows it to scale in accordance with the size and needs of any organisation, ensuring that smaller teams can equally leverage the benefits of effective learning and knowledge management.