July 12, 2023
2 minutes
Enhancing Remote Collaboration and Learning with Propel at Basis

Abstract: Basis, a nonprofit accelerator, leverages Propel to enhance digital literacy among under-resourced youth in Bangalore, India. This use case showcases how Propel supports Basis in synchronising and sharing key learnings across its global teams, demonstrating the platform's pivotal role in fostering remote collaboration and effective knowledge management.

How can a global team effectively collaborate and share critical learnings across continents in real-time?


Basis operates from multiple global locations, with its team spread across Canada, the US, and Germany, while implementing programmes in India. The geographic spread posed significant challenges in maintaining consistent communication and knowledge sharing, impacting the team™ ability to collaboratively advance their educational mission.

Linking to Propel’s Theory of Change

This use case exemplifies the Propel™ impact in enabling remote teams to share and manage knowledge efficiently, aligning with Propel's Theory of Change by demonstrating enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency through effective knowledge sharing.


The diverse location of Basis™ teams led to fragmented communication and inconsistent access to on-ground learning, creating barriers to effective programme management and adaptation.


The case involved Basis™ global team members, including programme leads in Canada, the US, and Germany, and local staff at the Learning Centres in Bangalore, India.


  • Introducing Propel: Propel was implemented as a central online platform for capturing and sharing programmatic learnings, ensuring all team members, regardless of their location, had access to real-time, actionable data.
  • Implementation Process: Basis structured its learning questions within Propel, allowing for systematic capture of insights and experiences from the ground, which were instantly accessible to the global team. This setup facilitated a seamless flow of information and fostered a unified approach to programme implementation and adaptation.

Impact and Results

  • Successes: The global team reported higher engagement and better alignment with the nonprofit’s mission, as Propel allows for a holistic view of on-ground activities and outcomes.
  • Visuals and Media: Propel’s dashboard enabled Basis to visualise learning and progress, making complex data accessible and actionable, enhancing strategic decision-making.

Challenges and Adaptations

  • Acknowledgment of Challenges: Initial resistance to adopting a new digital tool was experienced.
  • Adaptations Made: Customised training sessions were conducted to familiarise the team with Propel’s features, accompanied by ongoing support to ensure smooth integration into daily operations.

Learning and Innovations

  • Lessons Learned: The importance of having a centralised platform like Propel that accommodates diverse operational needs and learning styles was a key takeaway for Basis.
  • Innovative Practices: The strategic use of structured learning questions within Propel standardised the capture of operational and programmatic insights, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and learning.

Scalability and Next Steps

  • Scalability Potential: The successful use of Propel by Basis illustrated its potential application across varying global settings, promoting uniformity and efficiency in knowledge management.
  • Call to Action: The programme encourages other organisations facing similar challenges to consider adopting Propel to enhance their remote collaboration and knowledge management practices.


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  • Summary of Achievements: Propel has transformed the way in which Basis managed its remote operations and programme evaluations, setting a new standard for global nonprofit collaborations.
  • Reflective Insight: Integrating digital tools like Propel is crucial for nonprofits aiming to maintain cohesion and efficiency in today’s globalised work environment.
  • Future Vision: Basis continues to expand its use of Propel, aiming to integrate deeper analytics and learning management features to further enhance its programmes and strategic decision-making.