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1. Shape and Visualise
Your Learning Journey

At Propel, learning questions are more than queries; they are the compass that guides your project's journey. Seamlessly integrate these questions within your project's landscape—assign locations, set timelines, involve your teams, and categorise with relevant tags. Propel elevates these questions into a collaborative knowledge hub, nurturing a learning culture that advances with both your project and your entire organisation.

2. Capture Your Experiences

A lot of knowledge is produced during project implementation. Around each learning question, you plan learning activities. These activities will guide your reflection and learning process. For each learning question, Propel guides you through capturing and documenting what was learning, specifically highlighted what went well or where you faced challenges. These insights form the learning stories around each learning question, providing key knowledge about the topic and context.

3. Navigate Your Organisational
Learning Landscape

Delve into a visual narrative of interconnected learning experiences with Propel's Organisational View. Trace the threads between diverse themes, distil insights, and highlight crucial learnings. This panoramic perspective ensures that pivotal knowledge is never lost in the noise but remains a guiding beacon for your organisation.

4. Harness AI for Deeper Understanding

With Propel AI Summaries, enter a new realm of learning where artificial intelligence meets human curiosity. Propel not only brings clarity to complex data but also illuminates the path ahead, helping you to navigate challenges and share knowledge effortlessly. This feature amplifies your learning journey, spotlight challenges, and facilitate seamless knowledge sharing, fostering enhanced collaboration and informed decision-making.

5. Efficiently Share Your Insights

With Propel, your data and knowledge always stays yours. If you need to share Propel outside of the platform, you can easily export your data. Whether it's for a presentation or reporting, exporting your project data is only a click away, right from your dashboard.

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