Propel AI Policy

AI-Generated Content Disclaimer for Propel

Why We Use AI at Propel:

At Propel, we have integrated AI to adeptly sift through vast volumes of data, extracting crucial insights at an accelerated pace. This commitment to innovation bolsters our aim of delivering pertinent knowledge promptly, thereby aiding organisations in streamlining their decision-making processes with data-driven insights.

Exclusive Use of Your Project Data:

The AI-powered summaries and analyses that Propel provides are generated using only the project data and learning activities that you submit. Our AI tools are configured to remain strictly within the bounds of the data you provide. Although our processing involves transmitting data to OpenAI's platforms, Propel's stringent protocols are designed to ensure that your information is used solely for the purpose of enriching your project analysis within our secure environment.

Understanding AI-Driven Outputs:

While our AI operates on advanced algorithms to interpret data, it's essential to remember that it might not always capture the nuanced complexities of human-driven data.

Your Role in Content Validation:

We urge users to meticulously review AI-generated content. While Propel is committed to accurate outputs, it is incumbent upon users to validate this content against original sources for utmost reliability.

AI as a Complementary Tool:

Consider our AI a tool designed to complement human expertise, offering a fresh perspective anchored in the data provided.

Commitment to Data Protection:

Aligned with Propel's rigorous data protection standards and policies, our AI system is designed to respect and protect your data. We neither share nor leverage data outside of your specific project, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your information.

Feedback: Essential for Continuous Improvement:

Discover inconsistencies in our AI output? We welcome your feedback. Continuous user input is invaluable in ensuring our AI's effectiveness and accuracy.