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Knowledge Broker Intern

About Propel

Propel is an innovative software tool designed to enhance organisational learning and decision-making within the development and humanitarian sectors. Propel enables organisations to easily capture, access and apply lessons and knowledge they develop during project implementation. The tool guides the learning journeys of organisations throughout project implementation and enables them to reflect on their assumptions, learn what works and use these learnings for strategic decision-making to build organisational memory.

Mission and Scope

Propel aims to enhance knowledge-sharing, efficiency, and effectiveness through learning across development cooperation, designed for organisation, including NGOs, UN agencies, and various other entities. Our reach extends globally, catering to a wide array of professionals such as project officers, MEAL advisors, field officers, and project managers, with a potential to serve NGOs and non-profits worldwide.

Strategic Focus

At Propel, we operate with a global vision, striving to serve organisations in diverse contexts, time zones, and languages. As a growing start-up, our team is distributed across the world, working remotely to strengthen our presence in key regions. Our commitment is to extensively serve and support our customers, wherever they may be.

Role Overview

In this role, you will manage and support the Community of Practice for Propel Users. Your primary focus will be on bridging user research and feedback with the ongoing development of Propel. You will work closely with users and organisations to identify needs, create innovative solutions, and co-develop publications and user cases. Your role is crucial in supporting the learning agenda of Propel users and the Propel Community of Practice.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Community of Practice Management: Oversee and enhance the Propel Community of Practice, focusing on user engagement and collaborative learning.
  2. Learning Agenda Support: Actively support Propel users on their learning journeys, offering guidance and resources to maximise their experience.
  3. User Research and Feedback Analysis: Gather and analyse user feedback to identify key needs and opportunities for Propel’s enhancement.
  4. Content Development and Publication: Create engaging content and co-develop publications showcasing Propel's impact and user stories.
  5. Collaborative Solution Development: Work with the development team to translate user insights into product iterations and feature enhancements.
  6. Event and Workshop Facilitation: Organise and lead events and workshops, fostering community engagement and knowledge exchange.

Who You Are:

What We Offer:

Application Process:

We are eager to welcome an intern to join us as soon as possible. The role is available on a full-time or part-time basis for a period of 4-6 months, with the application deadline set for 15th January 2023.

To Apply, Please Provide:

For more details or to submit your application, kindly email us at

Join Propel and be a key player in our communication and marketing strategy, contributing to impactful global development initiatives!